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Former Member
Apr 19, 2011 at 11:37 AM

Effect of payload size on filling the database space


Hi Experts ,

I am facing an issue in production server that my database size is getting filled when certain interface file comes . I am finding that the file size is very small but the number is high ,will it put a good effect on PI server ( with related to space ) if the file size increases and no. of file decreases ? At present file size is 1.5 MB and it has 40 transaction I can say source team to send 80 transaction in one file and file size will be 3 MB . In that way no. of file will be halved performance wise it will not put any adverse effect as PI best performance is in between 1 to 5 MB(according to sizing document available on SDN) however will it help me in space related issue or not I am not sure ? Kindly advice me for this issue .