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Reuse logon token from RESTful API in Web Intelligence report


we use a portal application to link to reports using opendoc links. Beforehand we create logon tokens using the RESTful webservices and user specific credentials and parse them into the opendoc links.

Now we have some reports linked which itself contain opendoc links as drill through.

When we now use these links, we're asked for credentials, as the token is only valid for that call and doesn't transfer.

How can this be solved other than using the SDKs? Is it possible at all to log someone in using the RESTful webservices and use web intelligence and the drill through properly?

Thanks for your help,


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  • typically in BI if you are moving from application to application via link the session is transferred. Are there any differences in the URL from the source to destination? Is it the same BI web/app server and application directory, or does something change. A session may not carry over to a 2nd web/app or from WACS to opendocument...



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    Posted on Jan 19, 2017 at 05:53 PM

    Hi Markus,

    another way to pass the token (X-SAP-LogonToken) is in the header of the request to opendocument. If the header exists for the first request, I would think it should exist when linking to another document as well.

    This is explained in the BI Platform RESTful Web service Developer guide on the page below:

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  • Posted on Dec 13, 2016 at 10:49 PM

    Hi Markus,

    To achieve this and prevent logon prompts, you will need to add the logonToken to the opendocument URL ( ...?token=<your x-sap-logontoken> ).

    you will need to keep in mind though, that the token is only good for the lifetime of the logontoken (60min by default, if unused, and the Restful session cannot be logged off if you want the token to remain valid for this period)


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    • Hi Dan,

      thanks for your answer.

      I got, that I need the token in the OpenDoc link.

      The navigation is as follows

      User is in our portal and uses an Opendoc link to a WebI Report in BO. The link includes the token and is logged in.

      In the report is a drill- through link to another report. This link has no logon token, as we don't know how we can get that token inside the WebI document, but when using this link, the user is queried for credentials.

      Is there a way to fetch the token from the referring link in the document?

      Is there any other way to hand over the token to the opendoc link inside the WebI document?