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Apr 19, 2011 at 10:40 AM

GTS SCD (Supplementary Customs Declaration) for Export set up?


Dear experts,

I'm trying to set up the SCD for export.

Use: not sending every CD for export transactionally, but grouped, e.g. monthly

Via the menu: Import / Export < Create SCD => there is only 3 possiblities (free circulation, discharge CWH, declaration CWH), these are all 3 related to import no?

How can I set this up for export?

authorization OK

procedure CUSPEX set up for legal regulation CUSBE (export belgium), seems OK,

what can I be missing to set this up?

When this is set up for export, do you always need to use the worklist to group the entries together or can this already be done automatically somehow (eg every export CD gets linked to the open SCD?)