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Apr 19, 2011 at 09:34 AM

Size of spreadsheet and dashboard



a customer of ours is having trouble previewing or exporting a dashboard. The amount of data in the spreadsheet is very large, as is the number of objects on the page.

The model will attempt to compile or export for several minutes for stopping with an error message "An error occurredwhen loading the file. The SWF was not created. For more information contact the file creator or your system administrator".

We are assuming that the issue is to do with the number of Excel functions in the spreadsheet, as if we copy and paste over the formulae with plain values instead the model will compile (but obviously won't function properly with updated data).

Does anyone know of any guidelines or rules about the size of a spreadsheet, number of formulas, or number of objects on a canvas before these sorts of problems are reached? Alternatively does anyone have any tips on improving performance in large Xcelsius models?

It is not related to the 512 row limit on objects or formulas as no one object references that number of rows. We have also not used any V or HLOOKUPS, and have used INDEX and MATCH instead.

We have raised a support call but the engineer has not been very helpful with these general questions.