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Apr 19, 2011 at 07:39 AM

SPED output failed in creating inbound delivery



SPED output type used in creating inbound delivery from outbound delivery document in stock transfer scenarios, this is mainly used in EWM enabled plants.

Issue details: When we have zero quantity line item, then the SPED is not creating inbound delivery since the inbound delivery is not allowed zero quantity line items.

Example: Outbound delivery contains 3 lines:

A1 - 10 EA

A2 - 15 EA

A3 - 0 - Zero quantity, and PGIed the delivery, SPED triggered after PGI and showing error that, Zero quantity not allowed in inboundd delivery.

We can not change the item category of inbound delivery (ELN) to allow zero qty's as per the business requirement.

So, we need to see if there is any option to stop the zero line passing to outbound delivery from SPED program.

Can you suggest if there si any SAP note for this issue?

Regards, lakshmikanth