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Apr 19, 2011 at 05:26 AM

SAP ecc 6.0 installation on dell n4010---please do help me gurs


Hi gurus,

Hope all are doing good.

Guru's, i have recently bought new dell laptop for sap ecc6.0 installation. it config is as below.

i 3, 380m, 2.56 ghz, 4 gb ram, 500 gb disck, 64-bit system.

i wanna get sap ides installed in this computer. and i am not going via Vmware. i will go with server 2003 as a dual boot os.

1) is the above config is enough for ecc6.0 instalation.( EHP4 is not needed for me. i just wanna practice webdynpro and adobe forms )

2) if i am going for server 2003 which one is best for my laps config. 32 bit server 2003 or 64 bit server 2003 ?.

3) if i am going with 32-bit server, am i be able to install ides 6.0.

4) if i want crm to be installed, is the above config is enough for it or not ?.

4) suggest me best possible combination of server 2003 and sap version for my requirement which suits my laps config.

please please do help me gurus. it's really very important for me.