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Apr 18, 2011 at 07:31 PM

Cost component split: incorrect allocation of by-product generated


Hi everyone,

I have a question involving the costs of by-products generated and their allocation on the cost component split.

Suppose that a production order, besides the main product, also generates a secondary product. By-products in standard system are confirmed with movement type 531. In transaction OMJJ this movement is linked to key GBB / ZOF. This key is assigned to a G/L account and this account is assigned to a cost element in OKTZ.



GBB / ZOF > G/L account 1000 > Cost component 10

Thus, the by-product generated should be allocated to the cost component number 10.


However, this does not happen. These costs are allocated to another cost component. This is because SAP ERP appears to use the key GBB / VBR to calculate the cost component split.

To summarize: for accounting purposes the system uses the GBB / ZOF (which is correct!), but in the cost component structure the system seems to use the GBB / VBR (which makes the costs of by-product being incorrectly assigned).

GBB / ZOF > G/L account 1000 > Cost component 10 (used ONLY for accounting purposes).

GBB / VBR > G/L account 2000 > Cost component 20 (it seems to be used in cost component split). INCORRECT!

Can anyone confirm whether that statement proceeds?