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Apr 18, 2011 at 07:13 PM

Dynamic Cycle Counting: Auto Clearing of PI doc. if % diff < predefined val


Hi experts,

In Dynamic Cycle counting, Is there a way to specify a certain dollar amount or % difference, so that when a user enters a count in the Phy Inv document, the PI document should be cleared automatically if the difference in count is less than this pre-defined value?

I see in the configuration that, in DCC, standard SAP allows us to clear a document automatically if there are no differences or

clear a document automatically even if there are differences.

It is like All or Nothing: you either don't allow to clear if there are differences or you allow to clear everything even if there are differences.

I don't know how to set this up with a pre-defined value or a %.

Please let me know how to make this happen in SAP


Srikanth Challa