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Apr 18, 2011 at 03:06 PM

Generation Rule for Absence Quotas


Dear Gurus,

I want to configure the Absence quota & its accrual. Following are the details :

Abs Type : Annual Leave

Abs Quota Type : Annual Leave Quota

Unit : Hrs

Quota Eligibility : from day one

Quota Value : 150hrs/365 days*31(no. of days in the month of Jan) = 12.7397 hrs.

Quota is generated every 1st of month. So every month employee gets Annual Leave Quota.

Negative Accrual : 150 hrs (employee can take leave without quota availability upto 150 hrs, since that is the yearly entitlement. So should i maintain this in the field- Neg. Dec. to under Absence Quota Type??)

Time Constraint Class = 1

Carried over to next year

Paid at termination @ current rate

i have configured the Abs Quota Type & Base Entitlment. But i have some doubts :

1) while defining the Base Entitlement what value do i enter against Entitlement ? Will it will be Quota Value = 12.7397 hrs. If yes then how do i maintain the value with 4 decimal points? (in rounding rule??)

2) If the quota for employee gets generated on 1st of every month than what option shud i chose in the 'Related to Period'

3) The Quota is tobe generated on 1st of every month, based on the formula 150hrs / 365 days* 31days (if Jan, 28 if Feb, 30 if April etc). How do i capture this scenario?

all help is truly appreciated.