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Former Member
Apr 18, 2011 at 01:48 PM

Create Objects checkbox on Rhinte00 program


Hi All,

Picked up this issue which I think its a SAP Standard issue.

I've created an Org Unit and related Positions to it.

Then hired Employees into Positons using LSMW, so i needed to run Rhinte00 to create the Holder relationship.

When I execute Rhinte00 with the following: Today radiobutton tickect, Create Object(s), Create relationship(s), and Create holder relatshp. only checkboxes checked, Only Position from IT0001 radiobutton ticked and Test check box unchecked.

It does bring objects to create and holder relationships to create, but the only problem I see is that for Objects with Object Name which is long (i.e longer than 25 characters), it cuts the name to 25 characters and assigns it a new Object Abbreviation(i.e. Obect Abbr changes to ObjT/objID).


Apparently OTEXT accepts 25 character while STEXT accepts 40. So this means Rhinte00 sees all Object with Object Name longer than 25 characters as different records and it recreates them.