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Apr 18, 2011 at 12:33 PM

Invoice and credit note processing


Hello all,

I have got a query with respect to transaction MRBR (Remove Block on invoice). The process that we follow is:

1) When AP clerk enters invoice, he enters the invoice with a 'R' block. This blocks the invoice from getting paid.

2) Every evening there is a background job scheduled with transaction MRBR. What this job does is removes the 'R' block from the invoice if it has got a corresponding GR.

3) This invoice then appears in the payment run and is paid off.

The problem with this process is when the credit notes are raised on account. We link the credit notes and invoices by copying the document number of invoice in the 'invoice reference' field while entering the credit note. The 'R' block also gets copied onto the credit note (if the invoice has the block). Transction MRBR runs overnight and removes the block from the invocie (if it has a corresponding GR) and the invoice becomes free for payment. However there is no parameter in the program to remove the block from the credit note as well. What eventually happens is that the invoice becomes free for payment, the credit note remains 'R' blocked and hence does not appear in the payment run to offset the invoice and the invoice gets paid off even though it had a credit note.

Is anyone aware of how to remove the 'R' block from the credit note or if there is a better process to work with invoice and credit notes.

Thanks for all your help