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Apr 17, 2011 at 09:17 PM

Subreport with Command calling Stored Procedure with linked parameter blank



I'm currently using Crystal Reports version

I'm creating a standalone report that connects to a SQL Server database. I prompt the user for a few items which builds the parameter used by stored procedures that are called from subreports. The prompt results are concatenated together into a string in a formula which is used to link to the Subreport Command parameter. However, when I enter the prompts, the main report works fine, but all the subreports are blank. If I double click on a subreport, the subreport opens in a new tabbed window and all the data is there as I would expect.

I have other subreports that call stored procedures and do not require any parameters and the data for them show up just fine.

What can I do to make the subreports that use parameters have their data show up in the main report?