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Apr 17, 2011 at 03:41 PM

Project Upload (RPM_DX) - inititative status upload - concern



We are on PPM5.0.

We are using the standard template for Project upload.

Under transaction RPM_DX, while using the initiatives upload, we have some concerns.

We are able to upload the initiative. However, we have not been able to figure out:

1. Under the "Initiative" tab sheet (of the upload template), what value to put in the SYSTEM_STATUS column to see the initiave as "Released"

2. Under the "Decision Point" tab sheet, what values to put for the Decision Point status to see the Decisio Point status as "Released", "Completed" etc.

We have a scenario where we have 5 decision points (for the Initiative we are using). After upload, we intend the Initiative to have been done with 3 Decision Points, and be at the 4th one.

Please advise on the permisible status values to be entered in the upload template for:

1. Initiative

2. Decision Points