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Apr 15, 2011 at 02:02 PM

VC reference char not auto-populating on Production Order



I've created a reference char CAUFV_AUTYP & included it on my class 300. Intent is to influence certain behavior on the stand alone Production Order (CO01) configuration using VC (Header >> Configuration section).

Expectation is that when a Production Order is created, the CAUFV_AUTYP will get defaulted to a value "10" (for Production Orders) & when that happens, I want the VC to enable certain things for me on the configuration screen. I'm trying to write a selection condition & a pre-condition using the value of CAUFV_AUTYP = 10.

Problem - When I create a stand alone production order, I'm not seeing the CAUFV_AUTYP value auto populate to "10".

Any ideas on this? I was hoping that even before the Production Order commit to the CAUFV table happens, it shud have been able to read the AUTYP=10 & populate on the production order.