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Apr 15, 2011 at 01:46 PM

The Famous BSEG Fetching...



Iam working on an ALV Report which has the fields Material Number(BSEG_MATNR), Company Code(BSIS-BUKRS) and G/L account (BSIS-HKONT) on the selection screen.

Here Company code and G/L account are the mandatory fields.

When the user enters Copany code and G/L account, the program goes and fetches data from BSIS by passing BUKRS and HKONTS.(In My case , it returns around 100,000 records). And when the program goes to BSEG (with providing all the key fields it got from BSIS) for MATNR, its taking almost 5 minuts to fetch the data.

The program fetches data from BSEG using select single in a loop.(I even tried doing for all entries but it takes almost same time).

So what are my alternatinve options here to get the MATNR quickly from BSEG. Now its taking too long time even after passing the key fields. And moreover, even if user passes the MATNR on the selection screen, there is no use. It still need to fetch 100,000 records from BSIS and look for MATNR in BSEG for all those records.

whats the best way to fetch MATNR if you have records from BSIS?