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Oct 18, 2004 at 08:24 AM

Web Dynpro an what abouth the UI?



I went to Teched and off course I've seen Web Dynpro (both Java and ABAP). Besides the fact the amount of mouse clicks is very high, it could be a good tool, depending on one needs (cause I don't feel that this is miracle tool, which fits all).

My main concern is the UI in the end result. I comprehend the filosophy behind it all (client independancy, but who really needs it?), but I've some side thoughts:

- will all apps will have the EP 6ish look and feel?

Sure, one can change it (I hope so), but I think it's rather tedious when one has diffenent (complicated) house styles. Refering to EP 6, I've seen a lot of demo's and real life examples and they all look the same, sometimes with somewhat other colours, but that's it. If all would be that simple, why are the looking all the same?

- One said at Teched that it wouldn't be allowed to put any own javascripts in the code. If that's true, what should one do with own entry validation or typical CSS UI which isn't available in Web Dynpro. I don't think that SAP will make all extension that we need, since it it's surely not in the interest of their other customers.

Anny comments on this?