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Apr 15, 2011 at 12:10 PM

SAP : Credit management - Intervals for Days in Arrears


Dear all,

For our Customer credit ageing report, We are using F.31 to check our Credit control status of our customer.

In OB39,System takes 5 interval (ageing) and in F.31 report displays as 6 ranges (from 0-30 upto >1 year).

Now Business owners want to have some more intervals like 1 year to 2 year, 2 to 3 yr and more than 3 year.

In standard system, I tried in OB39,but system takes only 5 intervals.

Question 1:

  • Is it possible to include some more intervals ? *


The report displays the values, considering all the open document, cleared / uncleared amounts, effective to the CURRENT RUNNING TIME (mean to say it is Dynamic).

Since due to some business requirements, the back date punching of sales, payment affects the Credit report ageing and values.

Question 2:

  • In standard can we have any customer credit ageing report effective back dated?*

On 15 Apr, if a user executes report as on 31 mar, the credit status needs to be displayed as on 31 Mar 2010 (including the back dated sales too).

Thanks in Advance.

Any further clarification required, please reply.