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Apr 15, 2011 at 09:25 AM

PA transfer structure


Dear All,

In a current scenario, COPA is already implemented.

In CO-PC:When I am trying to settle production variances through KK87- 2 profitability documents are getting generated. One is 'B' (value field is- other variances) and other is 'C'(value field- production variances).

Now already there are more than 1 PA transfer structures defined in the system; one of them is 'FI- dir postings from MM/FI'. However, in the assignment of allocation structure etc- the relevant PA transfer structure has been defined.

I am unable to find out if system is picking 2 PA transfer structures, if yes, then how.

I tried deleting the production cost related assignment lines in 'FI' PA transfer structure, but then system gives error "Complete FI PA transfer structure".

Any suggestion how is the system picking PA transfer structure and can I deactivate 'FI'