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Apr 14, 2011 at 06:45 PM

Java - NetBeans 6.8


Does anyone have a sample project that shows how to set this up correctly in NetBeans? I have a tabular form that I want to have the viewer added to a specific tab, or at the very least, I have a button that I will have the users click that will need to launch up the form. This is a thick client in written in Java, but I am not using Eclipse and I need to pass the report file along with a custom datatable that I create that I have filled in the information. Basically it will not have direct database access, I generate the table of data to feed the form, this works well in Visual Studio but I need it to work in Java and I am currently stuck. I downloaded the latest SDK, created the folder under the netbeans folder, put the jars there, included the libraries as a full library collection (project properties, built a library set from the Add Library and included all JAR's), I have a viewable table on the java form where users check off what they want in the report, so now I just need to feed the report the data from memory.

Any help is appreciated.