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Apr 14, 2011 at 08:57 AM

Regularly loosing bindings to underlying data



In creating dashboards, I regularly loose some (or all) bindings from my charts or other components to the underlying Excel sheet. There's no specific trigger that I can think of: sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn't. I get the impression (but can not proove it) that it happens when XCelsius is open, and I'm doing other stuff in Excel at the same time.

This behaviour has already cost me several hours/days in the past, even still yesterday. I have several large dashboards, and you can imagine it takes time and effort to go through all components and check whether they are still bound or not, and to set the ranges again when they aren't.

Does anyone have the same experience? Is there some tool which allows me to save the settings from all components and reload them from there in case of problems (would save me a lot of time!)?

BTW: I'm using XCelsius Engage, build, Excel 2007 and Windows Vista.

Any suggestions?

Kind regards,