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Apr 13, 2011 at 02:19 PM

serial number tracking


Dear experts,

in one my scenario, i need the serial numbers mapping. my clients quality completly based on the calibration of the gauges. N number of types of gauges and instruments are used in their business. each types of N number gauges and instruments. they given the serial numbers for each type of gauge in existing process , for their calibration of gauges tracking purpose . in this case i am create the material code for each gauge type along with serial number profile. after assigning the serial number profile. in serial number profile, i am selecting exist req check box, consistency check as No-validation, in serializing procedure, i am taken mmsl, cat p, and equp as 1 (with/out equipment number), after assigning i create the serial numbers for that gauge type by using IQ01. after creating the serial numbers, i do goods receipt and checks the stock. there i found same gauge type have 35no.of pcs. out of 35, after calibration results 2pcs are i scraped by using 551movement type and 5pcs i blocked ( from unrestricated to blocked stock). now i checked in mmbe there, i can see the untestricated stock 28pcs but problem is i am seeing all the serial numbers. here i want only unrestricated serial numbers, how i can control this one , please suggest me , if this one solved my issue will be solved. or else if any better solution other than this one please suggest me.

example: plaing plug gauge 28.00mm+-0.02 its one type or group, under this group he have 100pcs of gauges. each gauge have different calibration dates, calibration frequency was 6months, these gauges are assigned to production orders as a prt. in this scenario how i can treat the gauges? is material prt or equipment prt? i am thinking i can create as material ( each group) this material assigned to equipment in serial data. i can make the plan this equipment, under this equipment i can assign the all the serial numbers in object list. from there i can get the plan. please study the scenario and suggest me as soon as possible,

thanks & regards