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Apr 13, 2011 at 11:48 AM

CST% should calculated two different rate for C Form / Without C Form



How we can assign to one CST% condition against two different rates for C Form / Without C Form for same Plant/Vendor/Material.

My scenario is, we have purchased the Material for one plant from Vendor, but Vendor has given the material against C Form or Without C Form not fixed.

We have used to Plant/Material/Vendor Key combination for updating CST (JVCS) 2% condition through FV11. And created two PO for C Form 2% & second 5% Without C Form but it is showing 2% in both PO as per maintained in condition.

When we have received the material against without C Form 5%, changed in CST (JVCS) condition 5% and do the MIGO and same think do for against C Form.

How to resolve this type problem without changing?

But it is possible in SD their maintaining Price Group; same is it possible in MM.