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Apr 13, 2011 at 06:10 AM

Costs of Training Event not posted to the Cost Center.



I executed the transaction PV1C (Cost Transfer Posting). I could see the Cost Item, Sender Cost Center, Cost Element, Cost Origin, Number, Amount and Reference Unit in the screen, but I could not see Account Assignment Object.

When I clicked on the Check button it has thrown error message "E BK 031 Enter Controlling Area".

I have maintained the controlling area properly for the cost item and Business Event. The Business Event is conducted by external training agency, so I assigned the Cost Center to which these costs would be flowing to.

I have integrated TEM with Cost Transfer Posting (SEMIN UMKO - 1 in table T77S0), specified organizational elements (PPINT PPINT Controlling Area). I did not touch Define Cost Center for Cost Object and the values are SEMIN COSTC - COSTC and SEMIN SCOST (blank)

What is Account Assignment object? Is that object assigned by HCM consultant or FI/CO consultant?

What does the error message "E BK 031 Enter Controlling Area" mean?

Apart from cost item and business event, do I have to maintain the controlling area anywhere else for posting the costs to the corresponding cost center?

Is there anything else from SPRO I need to do so that the costs for Training Event are posted?

Please help.

Regards, Sasi.