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Apr 12, 2011 at 06:29 PM

How detect in feeder class the UIBB (Tab Page) wich is being executing


Hi experts

I made some changes to WDA standard aplication wich uses FPM framework.

I added two tab pages (main views) to application using the FPM configuration editor , the component is PIQ_MBSS_OIF and i created (added) in my Z configuration these two tabpages each one with one FPM_LIST_UIBB table ,because the tabpages shows a records list.

I have the feeder class used by tables (FPM_LIST_UIBB) , with this feeder class i can manage the records to be showed in each tab page , i just enhanced this class adding some test code and it works.

Now i need to determine in my feeder class wich one of the tab pages is being calling in order to i can filter (change) the records to show in each tab page:

TabPage1 (original) -> call feeder class X -> shows 4 records

TabPage2 (new) -> call the same feeder class X -> show same 4 records

TabPage3 (new)-> call the same feeder class X -> show same 4 records

How can i detect in feeder class X wich tab page is being executing ? (i hope i explained right)

Thanks & Regards