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Former Member
Apr 12, 2011 at 12:52 PM

Event 0110 for own selection specification



As per the requirement

I had to write logic for

selection specifications to decide which open items should be used with

which amount. The selection criteria are transferred in table T_SELTAB. If these criteria

are specified, they will then be expanded to include table T_ZBTTAB, in which one partial

amount is given for each selection specification. In this way, you can specify that, for

a payment of 300.00, account 1001 will receive 200.00 and account 1002 will receive 100.00.

Created a Function module added through customisation

Providing fixed data to populate T_SELTAB(providing selection criteria in such a way that the given amount will be used to clear two account 250 AED each) this is hard coded

but when I execute still system does not consider the selection data given in T_SELTAB

could you let me know the exact value that needs to be passed into T_SELTAB.

through which function module we need to pass this selection criteria.

Thanks In adv