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Oct 13, 2004 at 11:15 AM

The proxyWizard can't conjur ... and other .net connector mystics



I am trying to pursade the proxy wizard to work for me but I am afraid it is unwilling ...

When I follow the documentation the wizard should starting something when I add it to the application using the project explorer but infact it is just added - period. Did I get something wrong ?

Another problem I have is that that I can use the Server-Explorer to receive wonderfull lists (BOR, functions etc.) from a connected R/3 system, but it is impossible to add anything from there to the project itself.

Whenever it is trying to receive the data it is unable to connect to the system. Reading the rfc-trace (in the install directory of the sapconnector) I noticed that at this time VS is trying to connect to the SAP system without using the (nescessary) router string and the result is "server XY unknown".

Close to despair I hope any1 can help me.