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Apr 12, 2011 at 07:39 AM

Appraisal Template: Enchancement for the Category group in OOAM


Hi all,

I am currently working on Appraisal Template for the first time, I have to bring a enchancement for the Category group in OOAM t-code for weightage restriction to 100%. I had created a BADI via SE18 which follows:

1.BADI name i had entered "HRHAP00_VAL_DET ".

2.Enchancement Implementation >create>Implementation Name (zz_weightage). My doubt is if i save it throws a error message "Specify Filter types". But in Filter type it is already defined as HAP_AP_EXIT. Below that there is two fields named App.ench and short text of app. ench. I had created a App. Ench as "ZZ_WEIGHTAGE" and gave short text then saved. It is also displayed in overview screen and i had code in it.

3. Then I included those in OOHAP_BASIC and OOHAP_CATEGORY but it is not displayed in OOAM--> Category groups --> Enchancements.

I am not aware where I did the mistake. Can any one help me plz...