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Apr 12, 2011 at 05:52 AM

Query on Enhancement Pack Upgrade/ Installation-Business Functions install


I am working on an Enhancement Pack Upgrade. I have the following questions from the Client, can you please help answer u2013

Scenario u2013 Upgrade from ECC 6.0 to ECC 6.0 EhP4

1 Using Business Function Prediction service, assume SAP recommends 10 Business functions to be installed. We install the 10 business functions and after 6 months the client realizes that there are some more functions which will help business.

a.What does it take to install the additional business functions.

b.Do we have to do the entire EhP4 Upgrade again

c.If we have to do the entire EhP4 Upgrade again what happens to the initially installed business functions, will that be overwritten

d.What will be the additional SPDD and SPAU effort to activate the additional business functions, will that be same as the initial SPDD/ SPAU effort.

2 Can we install all the Business functions available in EhP4. What happens if we install all the business functions. What will be the additional effort or overhead in terms of hardware, database, ABAP effortu2026..?

Thanks in advance.