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Former Member
Apr 11, 2011 at 11:25 PM

Entry List data refresh?



I am using an input box with an entry list. Once the input box is clicked then entry list item selected, the data is passed to a form where I can manipulate information about the selected item. One of the properties is active / inactive. The active flag actually controls if something is viewable in the entry list. I save. I click on the input box with the entry list, the item is still visible, though I have the correct parameters saved and am passing the correct request to the entry list. It seems the entry list items are cached. If i refresh the page, then click on the input box with the entry list, it behaves like I expected.

So my question is, has anyone run across this, that the entry list is cached on first run, and seemingly is not rerun every time the input box containing it is clicked? In other words the entry list is static after first run.