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Apr 11, 2011 at 08:49 PM

Tracking changes to an inspection plan


We need to know when an inspection plan has been created or changed, so we can distribute these changes via an idoc to an external system. QP60 shows the 'Task List Changes' and QP61 shows the time stamp and tcode of the change, so obviously these changes are being stored. Instead of a report though, we would like to trigger a workflow event soon after the specific inspection plan has changed.

We are on version ECC 6.0, and when changing an inspection plan with QP02, I see there is a menu path under 'Extras' for QP02 for 'trigger point parameter', but it is grayed out.

In the past, we have set up change pointers to monitor changes to master data of materials. We have also used trigger points on a routing to raise a workflow when a production order is dispatched.

Is anyone aware of how to set up either change pointers or a trigger point (or some other methodology) to track changes for an inspection plan?

Thanks - Mike