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Apr 11, 2011 at 03:43 PM

Adobe Interactive Forms - ADS Configuration


Hello experts,

I'm setting up my CE7.2 system to use Adobe Forms. Now I configged my ADSUser and tested it through WebService Navigator using com.adobe/AdobeDocumentServces_com.adobe_AdobeDocumentServicesVi. It was ok and received my version number.

Now when I try to run my process, my process task (which is the Human Activity with the form) has the status Inactive. When I try "Resend form" I get an error. (see image below).

Following image is of my log files with error's on my ReaderRights, and top error is based on the "Resend Form".

Q1: Would the only problem be the Credentials I need to request? Or am I missing something else..

As I am a only an IT student, I'm looking into how I can request these credentials at the moment.

Q2: According to I would only need credentials when having an 'Interactive' form. How do I make a ViewOnly form then?

Q3 Is it possible to have a step in your process which only sends a pdf with information and moves to the next process step automaticly without the need of a 'Submit' in the pdf? I'm thinking of a Mail Notification Activity here.

Thanks in advance.