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Apr 11, 2011 at 10:59 AM

CL_RSPLS_CR_CONTROLLER method inner join short dump


Hi guys,

i have characteristic relationship usage but i created a new concept for characteristic combinations creation. We have one table with all characteristics are maintained We want to use one single table to maintain all relations. The class created with the create method implemented is working and we do have the right entries in table c_th_chas. This table then goes into standard coding and is transformed. Afterwards method complete_combis is executed and within this method there is the method INNER_JOIN_steps. There method INNER_JOIN is executed. And this is thge method which dumps because method INNER_JOIN has a part beggining with the comment intersection of characteristics is empty, so build the cart.product.. From 13 characetristics in the table 6 are filled and 7 are empty . Maybe 8 times i am able to to run the loop but then the values of the tables is increasing immensly and a short time is thrown with no more internal table space... --> no more memory.

The problem seems to be the empty characetristics and the building of the cart. product. The command

  INSERTc_s_chas INTO TABLE e_th_chas.

is to much for over 10 Mio records and a short dump is thrown.

Is there any workaround for this problem? Can someone give me a hint.

Thanks and regards,