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Apr 11, 2011 at 06:55 AM

Creation of hierarchies and categories for automotive on CRM 7 standalone


Dear Experts,

I am on CRM 7.0 standalone and I need to create a hierarchy and categories for automotive.


in COMM_HIERARCHY I have created a hierarchy ISAM, then a top category ISAM and subcategories ISAM_THIRD_PARTY, ISAM_MAN, ISAM_OWN_UPLOADED, ISAM_OWN_MANUALLYwith product type "Material" and set types assigned to them.

I also performed customizing in COMM_PRAPPLCAT, assigning my hierarchy to application "Product" and to product type "Material".

My first problem is: if in COMM_HIERARCHY I assign an object family (e.g. "Automotive - vehicles") to a category/subcategory, then I am not anymore able to see it in COMMPR01 and therefore to create products belonging to this category/subcategory. Moreover, without assigning an object family, I cannot assign the partner determination procedure to the category/subcategory: how can I assign an object family to a category and be able to see this category in COMMPR01 when I try to create a new Material?

Another problem is: at the moment I tried to keep my categories without an object family assigned and created some materials in COMMPR01. But then I need to assign a Business Partner to my product. I need to create a relationship of the type PRDBP (Partners for Product/Individual Object): I have assigned PRDBP to my category in COMM_HIERARCHY, but this relationship type does not appear in COMMPR01 (while other relationships types, e.g. Object Relations, are assigned in COMM_HIERARCHY and appear in COMMPR01) Any idea on why relationship type PRDBP is not displayed in COMMPR01?

Thank you in advance and best regards,


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