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Oct 12, 2004 at 12:40 AM

Installation for MI Client / Server.


Hi Guys,

I am working as ABAP Programmer and i have some experience in RFID programming. I have an IPAQ 3800, i want to install MI Client in that. Already my Basis team inform that they install MI server and they gave me the following authorization,

MCD - MI:Process Mobile Component

ME_WIZARD -ME:Registration and eneration

MEREP_EX_REPLIC-Execute Replicator

MEREP_LOG -Activity Log

MEREP_MIG -Migration

MEREP_MON- Mobile Monitor

MEREP_PD - Profile Dialog

MEREP_PURGE - Purge Tool


MI_ALBACK - Back Up CCMS Alerts for MI

MI_ALMON - Alert Monitor for MI Alerts

MI_MCD -MI:Process Mobile Component

MI_MSD -MI:Process Mobile Component

S_ABA_72000157-Alert Customizing

SMOMO - Mobile Engine

I download lot of installation from SDN site..Still i am not able to follow. Please some one can help me on this.

Appreciated your help

Thanks and Regards,