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Apr 08, 2011 at 02:43 PM

WM Define Sort Sequence for stock removal (Picking)


Hi MM/WW friends,

Can you kindly explan the functionality of "Define Sort Sequence for stock removal (Picking)" which is under spro-LE-WM-Strategies.

My scenario and requirement is that I have storage type 001, inside I have created 20 storage section, for stock placement this storage section works fine, I defined a search strategy for this, but this do not apply when doing the picking for an outbound delivery, I want system to use the same logic for stock removal as for stock placement.

Maybe my problem is because in stock removal strategy I have defined FIFO, and this is why system is taking the stock from some other bins rather that the first storage section on the strategy, please advise on what should be the best approach for this.