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Oct 11, 2004 at 12:41 PM

MVC Data Binding - same name required for model instance + page attribute?


I'm dealing with the following problem:

MVC application, tableview in subcontroller, using iterator, creating inputfield in render_cell_start, _value via data binding - everything working ok so far.

Now I need to not return this inputfield as p_replacement_bee, but run render_to_string to first and make the p_replacement_bee a html_bee, because I have to alter the html output of this inputfield.

After debugging into <b>if_bsp_beerender_to_string</b>, going down to the METHOD IF_BSP_PAGEGET_ATTRIBUTE, I found out:

This method is trying to retrieve an attribute from my controller with the attribute name of <b>MODEL</b>, but the name of the controller attribute is <b>MY_MODEL</b>.

In my application I always use MODEL as the page attribute, and MY_MODEL as name for controller classes attributes. Always worked fine until this special requirement came up.

While debugging I altered the name of the attribute that the method IF_BSP_PAGE~GET_ATTRIBUTE is looking for to MY_MODEL (the right controller attribute), and it worked.

So, my question is:

Is the name of the page attribute required to be the same as the controller attribute here?

Or is there an dead-easy hint I overlooked?

(renaming all page attributes to match controller attribute names is not exactly the prefererred solution, unless it was meant to be that way).