2-Step Picking ignores Batch selection criteria

Dec 13, 2016 at 11:52 AM


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Dear Experts,

I have configured 2-step picking. I have the requirement to pick batches using specific selection criteria. But EWM seems to ignore batch selection criteria stored in delivery during Warehouse Task Creation for the "release withdrawal" step against wave. However, already picked batches are validated against selection criteria when I do Wave release for allocation step and create 2nd warehouse task. Just wanted to understand if this a standard behavior or am I missing some config/any alternative to make sure EWM only picks the right batch during 1st step picking warehouse task only. Thanks in advance.



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Dear Experts,

I have a scenario like below. I use 2-step picking with wave. I created wave with 4 Deliveries.

  • Delivery 1 – 10 CS of Product A – Min.Rem.Shelf Life > 60 days
  • Delivery 2 – 10 CS of Product A – Min.Rem.Shelf Life > 90 days
  • Delivery 3 – 10 CS of Product A – Min.Rem.Shelf Life > 120 days
  • Delivery 4 – 10 CS of Product A – Min.Rem.Shelf Life > 150 days
  • 1 PAL = 40 CS

When I release wave – for withdrawal step, system decides to create 1 WT to pick 1 PAL from Bulk Storage instead of 4 WT to pick 40 CS from picking area.

Because of Stringent FEFO, system picked the oldest batch (let’s say – Batch that expires within 60 days).

When I do wave release for allocation step in 2-step picking, the WT creation fails because the Pallet that I picked does not match batch selection criteria.

Can you please suggest if we have a possible solution in standard that can consider the selection criteria during 1st WT creation itself, so that the 2nd WT creation does not fail?



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