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Apr 08, 2011 at 12:03 PM

Dynamically accessing components


Hello Everybody!

I'm a new ABAP developer and experimenting with the language a bit.

I'm having some trouble with something I'm not actually sure is a possibility. I'd like to call components of a structure from a string variable. I know that it's possible to do so with the table it self. I have setup:

        column_name type string.

        column_name = 'c1'.

        UPDATE (table_name) SET (column_name) = 'X'
          WHERE LETTER = row.

(table_name) is called via USING by the subroutine. That part is working OK. I also have a try catch block around the UPDATE which catches cx_sy_dynamic_osql_semantics saying that (table_name) has no component named (column_name). Anybody have an idea how to properly execute this?