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Apr 08, 2011 at 09:12 AM

Central User Admin - Problem with roles and composite roles


We have 2 CUA systems (non-prod and prod) with similar, but slightly different problems. I will concentrate on Production here as I suspect the solution may be relevant to both.

I have recently migrated the production CUA system from windows to AIX 6.1.

After the migration the decision was taken to delete the CUA and recreate it again. The main reason to migrate and not reinstall (as was done in dev) was the HR Org structures.

Initially I was informed everything was fine, but a few days after the move I was told that the roles allocated via a composite role were not displayed in blue and could be deleted individually. If the composite role was deleted the individual roles were not removed.

If each of the individual roles was highlighted and "deleted" using ➖ they then turned blue and a 'C' appeared in the INDIRECT column.

If this is saved and the user looked at again the lines stay blue, and if the composite is removed the individual roles disappear. We cannot really carry out this process for all our composite roles. Before the move to AIX this problem did not occur.

Development was created via a fresh install, the HO Org structure created anew and CUA rebuilt. The problem in here is very similar, in that if you "delete" the roles they remain and stay blue. If you save the record you can see that table usla04 has a "C" against the

individual roles. If you now look at the user record again all the roles are black. If this record is saved again the "C" dissapears from


In Dev I have created a new role and allocated it to a new, and an existing, composite role. Whichever of these composites I allocate to my test user, the individual role id displayed in blue and performs perfectly (it cannot be deleted and it goes when the composite is

removed). I do not have e the access to try this in Production.

How can I correct my existing roles?


Paul Richardson

SAP Basis consultant.