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Oct 11, 2004 at 07:28 AM

Install NetWeaver on one server?


I attended at San Diego last week and the conference was really great, however, one thing I dont understand is the installation. They mentioned that all SAP NetWeaver components could be installed on one server except XI. But if you installing it all on one server, is it installed on the same Database as MDOC, or is it several database instances? If you have to create several instances I assume the server will have to be rather big in terms of hardware. Of course this is not recommended in a production system, but my thinking was actually to have a common server for all NetWeaver development and one server for all QA but seperate servers for the production system. That is the reason why I actually ask the question, because if you have it one the same database instance it will be rather difficult to refresh the QA with PRD copy if you have several PRD systems.


Christian Boströ