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Former Member
Apr 08, 2011 at 05:06 AM

How to know if an STO has been PGI'ed or Shipped?


Dear Expert,

If i want to find an open STO which has not been PGI'ed and Shipped, i will search via below way:

1. Search in table VETVG for any STO document# available there for specific Shipping points. Append STO# to Z_VETVG_STO

2. Search in table SHP_IDX_PICK(Outbound Deliveries: Not Picked) for any Delivery# as not picked with same shipping point as above. Append Dlv# to Z_NOPICK

3. Based on above Dlv# from Z_NOPICK, then search in LIPS table for vgbel field to get corresponding STO# document number for those Deliveries. Append Dlv#,Item#,VGBEL# to Z_NOT_DLVed

4. Then append above VGBEL# as VBELN STO# to Z_VETVG_STO, sort Z_VETVG_STO and remove duplicated.

Then get the required open STOs as not PGI'ed and Shipped.

Now my question:

In which table and link relationship could i find the STOs which has been shipped or PGI'ed according the given Shipping point??

Thank you very much.