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Apr 08, 2011 at 04:44 AM

Sender JDBC CC parameters with Stored Procedure Needed


Hello Everyone,

We have followed for setting the parameters for Connection tab as well as Processing tab.

Connection Tab parameters:

JDBC Driver:

CONNECTION: jdbc:sqlserver://vodadev11:port;databaseName=voda_database

User Name : voda_db_user_dev

Processing tab parameters:

QualityOfService: ExactlyOnce

Poll Interval: 60

QuerySQL Statement: EXECUTE db_voda_por_action PLS Note this is stored procedure name and having doubt whether can I execute directly like this if not how ?

DocumentName : MessageType Name

DocumentName : Message Type Name space

Update SQL Statement : <TEST>

After setting all the above parameters I am seeing errors? Is there any problem with the parameters which I set or any?


Database-level error reported by JDBC driver while executing statement 'EXECUTE db_voda_por_action'. The JDBC driver returned the following error message: ' Could not find stored procedure 'db_voda_por_action'.'. For details, contact your database server vendor.