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Apr 08, 2011 at 01:11 AM

Can't print all reports in SAP - Error Occured (message PT118)


Hi ABAPers,

I find an issue when one user in my place can't print all reports in SAP. I have checked the authorization and it seem that this user has all authorization he needs.

I check if it is external problem, PC problem, but it's not. He can print from any other application in his PC (ms word, excel, notepad, etc). He can't print in SAP only. We also have tried to change the PC to other PC but still can't print SAP reports. It means it's not a problem with his PC / printer.

I check parameters of printer in SU01 and find that he has all parameters same with me, then it shouldn't be a problem.

Then I track the error message PT118 - Error Occured. I find this error will be raised if Archieving Type doesn't have value '1', '2', '3' or blank. So I guess that the problem is on here. But I didn't know where to set this archieving type parameter. It is not parameters in SU01.

Could any body give me clue, what should I do to resolve this problem. I try to find in the forum but can't find any solution.

Thanks alot