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Apr 07, 2011 at 09:01 PM

removing decimal places, API, type integer


CR9 API. SQL Type INT spits out as AA.aa (w/ 2 decimal places). In the designer this is a no problem. but in the API, without a guide 'tis not.

Does any one know the property(ies) in the API that allow control -- Or can anyone direct me to a resource?

Code below has been executing for years -- but no user ever mentioned the extra decimal places till today. Smirk.

rstQuery("Type")="I" is the softwares tag for knowing its an INT.

N & $ are the other "number" types

thanks for any help.

with oRpt.Sections("D").AddFieldObject ("{ado."&addFieldString&"}", twipsUsed+20, 0)

.Font.Name = "Arial"

.Font.Size = 10

if rstQuery("Type")="D" or rstQuery("Type")="I" or rstQuery("Type")="B" then







end if

if rstQuery("Type")="N" or rstQuery("Type")="$" then

.HorAlignment = 3

end if

.Height = 300

.Width = maxLength * 120

End With