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Apr 07, 2011 at 05:02 PM

Create a patern of colors for graphs


Hi experts,

I've got a issue with a report i'm building,

I have several pizza graphs, that show the folowwing data






The status are either YES or NO, and when i filter, some graphs will have the date for YES and some wil have date for the NO status.

What happens is, if all of the graphs have data for both status, the colors are the same for YES and NO for all graphs,

but if i filter and any graph does not have value for YES the NO status will assume the collor that gefore was for the YES status,

making whoever is lookink at the graphs to thing that everything in the graph is for YES status.

What i wanted to do is to define, that the YES status will be BLUE and NO will be RED, independent if its the first or last to appear in the graph.

Thanks in advance

Leandro Brasil