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Apr 07, 2011 at 05:05 PM

Problem in loading multiple lev1 and multiple lev2 WBS elements in projects


Hi guys,

I've a requirement to load (from file) projects with multiple level 1 and multiple level 2 WBS elements. I'm using CJ01 recording to load projects in step 1 and it loads all the projects successfully.

Next I need to load WBS elements of level 1 & level 2 under each projects and also level 1 & level 2 must be linked correctly. Now in this step what I'm doing is that am doing the CJ02 recording to load WBS elements (irrespective of levels) under each projects. But as in the data file, the sequence of WBS records are not guarranteed to be in the exact sequence of hierarchy of WBS elements, what's happening is that though WBS elements are getting loaded successfully, but level 1 & 2 are not getting linked to each other correctly. So the hierarchy is broken. Please help how to resolve this issue like how to design the LSMW correctly.

Alternatively we can use CJ20N for loading the correct hierarchy but here we need to select correct project/level 1/leve2 etc which is difficult in case if a project doesn't have level 2 or level 1.

Please suggest the easiest design.

Cheers guys.