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Former Member
Apr 07, 2011 at 04:50 PM

AJAB - error code for Year End - unable to close 2010


I have searched many threads but did not get a suitable answer (and NO I am not allowed to open my prior year at all 😊 ):

We are trying to run AJAB but i get error code :

Asset 000000010055-0000 in company code 0000 (depreciation incomplete)

Message no. AU070


The planned depreciation was not completely posted to Financial Accounting for asset 000000010055-0000 in company code 4000 in depreciation area 01.

System Response

Year-end closing cannot be carried out for company code 4000.

Please note that I cannot go back into OB52 and open up the year 2010 for postings as that becomes an audit issue so that is ruled out my question is what exactly is the fix for this without resorting to opening the period or the year 2010 at all?