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Apr 07, 2011 at 03:19 PM



Hi Experts:

I have a question regarding the use of transaction FMRP_FC_SET_HIER.

I have created a Funds Center Group Hierarchy set using transaction FMRP_FC_SET_HIER. After creation, I added a funds center to the set using transaction FM_SETS_FICTR2. However when I execute the "check completeness" function, the message returned is that the new funds center is missing from the group even though I can see it displayed.

I can execute FMRP_FC_SET_HIER again and overwrite the set at which time the new funds center is included in reports and the "check completeness" function indicates that the group contains all master data.

My question is: Is this the correct procedure? Will the FMRP_FC_SET_HIER need to be executed to overwrite the set each time a new funds center is created?

Thanks in advance for your input.