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Apr 07, 2011 at 02:28 PM

Handling blank in transformation file


I am trying to use if statement in a transformation file. I have got data set where members in one of column (Column 3-INTCO in this example) are empty so I want to map these missing ones to a specific dimension member. For other (non-missing) ones I want to map as usual way.

The code I got it

INTCO = *if(COL(3)= then *NEWCOL(I_EXTERNAL); COL(3))

I have also tried some other options like


INTCO = *if(COL(3)= u201Cu201D then *NEWCOL(I_EXTERNAL); COL(3))

But none of this is working. I found a SAP help on internet but this is not helping either. Main issue I am having is how system check =empty/blank condition in the above statement?

The SAP help is available at

Has anyone experienced similar issue and able to solve this?