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Former Member
Apr 07, 2011 at 01:16 PM

Error when using sort variant 0005 for RABEWG01 (tcode za353)


Hi SAP experts,

I have a problem with program RABEWG01 (tcode za353). When I use sort variant 0005 and execute it, I get this error:

Table ANLV is not supported in the requested report

Message no. AB066


You requested sort version 0005 for the current report. The sort version contains a field in table ANLV. However, the report does not process this table. Therefore the sort version cannot access this table and this field.

System Response

The report is not executed with sort version 0005.


Enter a sort version that uses only valid tables. The following tables are supported in the current report:


Can someone help me to explain why ANLV is not supported in the requested report? If we can't use sort variant 0005, why is it there in the first place?



Company code: 001

Report date: 30.03.2011

Dep area: 01

do I need to add any more entries in the field so that i can use sort variant 0005? thanks!